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For security or breach thereof.

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Tools of the Trade

With five hundred pounds of suction, this suction-mount holds safe-drilling rigs quite well to a wide variety of safes. It is designed for use with either of the following drill rigs: the Lockmasters Magnum Bullet or the StrongArm Mini-Rig.

I made this tool myself by adapting a big bad hand-pumped suction device. I do not manufacture this tool for sale. If you’re a professional safe technician in need of such a tool, you can either make your own or buy the StrongArm Mini-Vac, which is similar.

Free Safe-lock Software

Safe and vault work can be aided greatly by the use of appropriate software. The Safe House™ provides two free web-applications for use by professional safecrackers and safe-technicians. If you have a strong knowledge of safe and vault locks, you should be able to use these applications easily. You can run them online or, alternatively, download the .ZIP archive for off-line use.