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Do you need a good safecracker or a vault repairman? I’m retired, but in my absence you can’t go wrong with Lance Mayhew of Ada County Lock & Safe. Give him a call.

Does your safe or vault need maintenance?

Well-maintained safes are easier to operate and more secure than their neglected counterparts. By performing proper annual maintenance, I can correct problems with your safe lock before they become severe. Without this maintenance, the lock will, in fact, stop working. This can have either of two undesirable results: you can’t open your safe, or your safe is left vulnerable to burglary. This tends to defeat the purpose of having a safe. If your safe or vault has any of these symptoms, or if it’s been a while since its last professional service, then it’s time to call a professional.

Do you need a good safecracker?

If you’re locked out of your safe, a good professional safecracker can help. Perhaps you neglected the aforementioned maintenance, which you may not have realized was needed. Or maybe, for whatever reason, the combination is simply not known. Don’t worry. With the right skills and tools and time, a good safeman can open your safe while leaving it securely functional, not broken.

A legitimate safecracker may be able to help you open your own safe but of course won’t help you rob anyone, so quit asking. We get asked to do that from time to time, but we’re really not interested.

Has a burglar damaged your safe?

Burglars tend to favor safecracking methods that involve brute force and large hammers. They break off dials and handles, cut hinges, and in general smash things up. Fortunately, these popular methods are largely unsuccessful. (Safe manufacturers, after all, did think of these methods in their designs.) If your safe has been the victim of such demolition, you may be left with no way to open the safe. You’ll be happy to know that we can open such safes and can usually repair them.

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